Served with home fries

All Sandwiches assembled with Sourdough bread

All Classic breakfast sandwiches assembled  with English Muffin

Other breads are available on request

Breakfast Souvlaki - Veg/Chicken    9.00/ 12.00

scrambled eggs with home fries, spinach, tomatoes, onions, topped
with Kashmiri raita wrapped in Naan bread

Gyro Sandwich  10.50

egg & shaved steak topped with American cheese

Scrambled Sandwich 10.50

scrambled egg with peppers & onions, cheese with a choice of bacon, ham or sausage

Modernist Cuisine Sandwich  10.50

egg, bacon & cheese with avocado mousse

Mediterranean Sandwich 10.25

scrambled egg with spinach, feta cheese, tomatoes with in-house balsamic drizzle

Weltkuche classic breakfast sandwiches

Steak, Poached egg & avocado Mousse  12.00

Turkey, Egg & Cheese 7.50

Ham, Egg & Cheese 7.50

Sausage, Egg & Cheese 7.00

Bacon Egg & Cheese 6.50

Egg & Cheese 5.50


Served with Toast and home fries

Substitute Egg White for +$2.00

Farmer’s Omelette 12.00

summer squash, zucchini onions, tomatoes flambé with white & red wine,
topped with fresh spinach & goat cheese crumbles

Meat & Cheddar Omelette 11.00

ham, bacon and, sausage with cheddar cheese

Gyro it Omelette 11.00

gyro meat, onion, peppers, tomatoes, spinach with American cheese

Southern Omelette 10.00

onions, peppers, tomatoes sautéed with chipotle glaze, topped with cheddar cheese

Caprese Omelette 10.00

tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella topped with balsamic glaze

Greek Omelette 10.00

baby spinach, tomatoes, onions & peppers with feta cheese

Ham & Moz Omelette 9.00

ham with mozzarella cheese

Three Cheese Omelette 9.00

mozzarella, cheddar, asiago

Build your own Omelette

White egg Omelette $12.50

Regular Omelette $ 10.50

Served with toast and home fries

Pick your Protein option, Veggie option and Cheese Option below





Breakfast Boxes

Columbian Box   13.00

contains Red rice & Beans with a fresh egg your way, 2 sausages and home fries
Served with 12oz regular coffee with dairy.


French Toast Box   12.00

contains 2 French toasts, home fries, a fresh egg your way and a sausage patty
Served with 12oz regular coffee with dairy

Pancake Box   12.00

contains 2 Pancakes, home fries, a fresh egg your way and a sausage patty
Served with 12oz regular coffee with dairy






Petite Danish $3.75

Red Velvet Cookies $3.00

Muffin $2.50

choice of: blueberry, corn and chocolate chip


Choose your Beverage size

Small  l Medium +$ 1.50 l Large +$ 1.75

White Mocha 5.25

Mocha 4.25

Cappuccino 3.85

Cafe Au Lait 3.85

Latte Cortado 3.75

Macchiato 3.25 

Americano 3.00

Espresso 3.00

Drip (Regular) Coffee 2.50

Masala Chai 5.00

Tea 2.60

earl gray, ginger lemon, chamomile, English breakfast



^Add salmon $8, *add chicken $5

Murgh (Chicken) Tara Mira Salad with charred Nimbu^ 17.0

Wilted rockets with green beans and carrots tossed in lime & cilantro crema,
topped with chicken, charred lemon & pickled pearl onions

Warm Caesar Salad ^* 14.0

Wilted baby kale served on white toast smeared with house Caesar dressing
with sun-dried tomatoes and shaved parmesan


Kale Caesar Salad ^* 12.5

Baby kale tossed in house Caesar dressing served with
shaved Parmesan sun-dried tomatoes & crouton

Tara Mira (Rockets) Salad ^* 12.0

Rockets with caraelized cippolini onion, blistered grape tomatoes in
lemon vinaigrette and Parmesan


Pimento Soup with Goat’s cheese dollop & sourdough charred toast ^*13.5

Indian Railways Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese ^*12.5

Main Course


Short Ribs/Salmon/Chicken Tikka Masala 26.50/21.50/14.50

Served with Rice

Short Ribs with Polenta & Harre Phalle Bunna

with Paanch Pooran Sauce 25.0

Seared Salmon with Vegetable Biryani Pilaf with a

side of Lime & Cilantro Crema 21.5

Baharata Grilled Chicken with Moroccan Couscous

& Cucumber Raita with Papad 18.5

Sautéed Gnocchi with Cashew, Dark Sultana & Mushrooms in

Korma sauce with Water crest 18.5

Vegetable Fritters served on Coriander & Ginger Pilaf

with Kadhi Sauce 17.0

Other Bites

Chilli Chicken Bowl 8.00

Chilli Chicken with rice & broccoli with an over easy egg


Vegetable Samosa Chaat 4.50

Samosa served with chickpea curry


Aloo tikki chaat 4.50

Potato cakes served with chickpea curry


House Burger 18.00

Pesto, mushroom onion, chedder, grilled tomato,


Cauliflower Crust Margaritta 15


Vegetable Burger 14

Onion Sambal, tomato, lettuce & devil sauce Served with fries

Battered Chciken Wings with Chipotle Sauce 12


Kulfi Faluda 13.5

Housemade Kulfi iceceream on a bed of angel hair pasta topped with rose milk

Black Forest Parfait 12.5

Devil cake layered with vanilla icecream, raspberry compote, shipped cream
& topped with cherry & chocolate shavings

Tiramisu 12.5

Ladyfingers dipped in coffee layered with mascarpone cheese, flavored with cocoa

Square Stage
Add-On's for Barista
Square Stage
Square Stage



choices of
hazelnut  $0.50
Extra Shot $1.00
Square Stage



Shaved Steak   5.00
Chicken thigh   3.00
Sausages   3.00
Turkey   3.00
Bacon   3.00
Ham 3.00
Square Stage



Veggie Mix

Square Stage



Parmesan   5.00
Goat’s cheese   4.50
Asiago   2.50
Feta   0.50
Sharp cheddar

Square Stage
Square Stage
Square Stage


Chocolate   2.50
Cocoa   1.00


Shaved Steak 5.00
Sausages 3.00
Turkey 3.00
Ham 3.00
Chicken thigh 3.00



Poached   5.50
Boiled   2.25
Over Easy
Sunny side up
Over Medium
Well done

Milk $0.75

choices of:

New Indian TakeOut

Rajma Chawal  13.50

Lal Jhol with Rice

Chicken 12.99
Lamb 13.99
Short Ribs 19.00
Salmon  17.50
Egg 12.99

Korma with Rice

Chicken 13.99
Lamb 13.99
Short Ribs 19.00
Salmon 17.50

Channa Masala with Rice 12.99

Mix Vegetable Thoran With Naan 12.99

Gajjar Mattar with Naan  12.99

Saag with Rice

Chicken 12.99
Lamb 13.99
Paneer 12.99


Tarri Mattar with Rice

Aloo 12.99
Paneer 13.99

Tikka Masala with Rice

Chicken 14.99
Lamb 14.99

Kadhi Chawal with pakora 15.00